At this time when globalization, digitalization and significant changes in regulations framework require that companies act quickly and adjust their operations to all changes, very important segment in the adjustment process is to be focused on risks. The relation of management towards risk management system and appropriate strategy for the development of such system directly affect stable development of every company and quick adjustment to changes in business environment.

Every change in regulations, significant development in the market or business reorganization and optimization require good identification and assessment of risks such changes may produce. If the company identifies in due time the risks which it may be exposed to, then assesses possible affect to operation and establishes risk management mechanisms, the process of adjusting to changes will be by far safer and more secure.

In order to support companies in building up the risk management system of good quality and design appropriate internal control system – a risk management system, we offer following services:

Our services

Analysis of established risk management system in the company

Assessment of company’s exposure to risks and analysis of internal Controls managing the risks

Assessment of corporate management in terms of defining appropriately the Role of management and all employees within the internal controls and Risk management systema

Assessment of anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism system, as Well as of the operations with entities under international sanctions

Consulting on adjusting client’s operations to regulatory requirements (compliance activities)

Advisory services in the field of data protection, privacy and personal data Protection – key areas in protection of company’s reputation

Advisory in the field of consumer protection / client’s complaints Management system

Advosory in the field of managing risk pertaining to outsourcing, Processes of developing and placing company’s products and services

Consulting in the field of business processes optimization

Support in the process of making employees aware of the risk management Strategy, change in operations and harmonizing with regulations in these Areas, of the integrity and ethics, through trainings, workshops and other Forms of communications about changes and adjustments

We will assess all your need through the process of analysis and communication with you, and we will provide you with all other necessary legal services in cooperation with experiences professionals and law-offices.